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I just can’t get on board with the eBook movement.  I love holding a book, turning the pages, and using the same Holly Hobby bookmark I have been using since I was 10.  Since O was born though, I don’t always get to read as often as I wish I could. Well, that’s not completely true.  I get to read all the time, every day in fact, multiple times a day.  Board books that is!  A few of our favorites are shown on the bookshelf here! 

But it was my New Year’s Resolution this year to read more often for pleasure; to get back to those books I have been storing away waiting for the chance to delve into.  I’m on my fourth book this year, which is a vast improvement from the number of books I read last year…zero.  I am always looking for a good book recommendation, so I thought I would take you for a walk through my bookshelf, which just so happens to be divided up by color ~ one of my favorite things about it.  It is in a dark hallway so photos won’t do it justice, but if you ever get a chance to organize and display your books by color, I highly recommend it.  The display turns out really well!

Plus if you checked out my DIY bookmark a few post back, then I know you probably need some books to read and use with your new bookmark! *Just an FYI: this post contains affiliate links.


How to Sew a Button, by Erin Bried: This book was a gift from my brother a few Christmases back.  It is the perfect book for anyone, who like me, wants to be a DIY diva and a happy homemaker.  It provides simple step by step instructions for everything from how to sew a button and darn a sock (who knew what darning was?!?) to clipping coupons and dealing with problem neighbors.  In short it is full of “nifty things your grandmother knew.”  Check out the adorable cover below to Chapter 5: Nesting.

How to Raise the Perfect Dog, by Cesar Millan: Now I know that at times Cesar Millan has been a bit controversial in the dog training world, but love him or hate him, this book was super helpful when we were getting ready to pick up our new puppy three years ago.  We wanted to make sure we were fully equipped with all the possible knowledge we might need before we got our beloved dog, Bear.  So this book was on the top of our must read list.  It gave us practical tips and insightful ideas into the mindset of our pup.  Fast forward three years and Bear is not the perfect dog that this book said he would become (and we are not the perfect owners the book described we should be), but without it….well, let’s not think about what that might look like.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette, by Maria Semple: Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.  That’s all I have to say.  It is a quick, fun read and you need to go out and get a copy today.  You can thank me later.

I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, by Courtney Robinson: Now this is one on the list that I have not yet read.  I am so excited to though.  As a self-professed Bachelor Nation Fan(atic), I have seen every season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette series and can’t wait to learn a little behind the scenes information!  Plus I have heard this book is a real “kiss and tell” kind of read, so I have a feeling I will enjoy its gossipy themes!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting, by Heidi Murkoff: My husband and I have been talking a lot about baby #2 (eek!) and that could mean that this book will make its way from the hallway bookshelf to the bedroom nightstand soon.  Oh my!  Are we ready to do this all over again?  (Insert worried, excited, anxious face here!)

Wicked, by Gregory Maguire: Any fan of the musical will love this book.  I always find it interesting what order things happen in.  Did you see the movie/musical or read the book first?  In this case, I saw the musical first.  Loved the book though and found the plot lines fascinating.  Check out Maguire’s other books, too! I haven’t read Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister yet, but it’s on my shelf and will land on the nightstand soon!

Bringing Up Bébé, by Pamela Druckerman: I must admit a few things: (1) I am only one-third of the way through this book. (2) Before O was born, I told my husband that we would be raising our son with French ideals like Druckerman talks about in this book. (3) I haven’t done one thing the book told me to do.  Oops! With that said, I am enjoying reading this book and the different spin it takes on parenting.  Definitely worth the read and the insight it provides, even if you don’t exactly follow it!

Bloom, by Kelle Hampton: This memoir will require a box of tissues nearby.  Blogger Kelle Hampton describes life following the birth of her second daughter who is unexpectedly born with down syndrome.  I was crying through most of this book.  It is so inspiring and beautiful and is truly a must read for all mamas out there.

…and of course my beloved Shopaholic Series, by Sophie Kinsella: I have read every book in this series.  Fun and full of laughs, they are always a “go to” in my book (pun intended).

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July 13, 2016
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